-  Author Kimberly Ann Harmon
Meet the Author
Kimberly Ann Harmon was born in Savannah, Georgia. A kind hearted and strong spirited Woman who comes from humble beginnings. Kimberly later relocated with her grandmother to the gorgeous Beaufort, South Carolina. After graduating from a local high school  (Battery Creek) she then went on to further her education at a technical college. Kim left the slow paced country life for the faster paced climate of Baltimore, Maryland where for several years she made a life for herself and her children working at Johns Hopkins University Hospital. After having her fill of the city life she returned to her home in Beaufort, South Carolina where she resides and continues to construct her master pieces. She has four beautiful children and one grandson. 
(Letter to the Readers)
I never thought I'd be writing a book, least of all stories like these. Sometimes when you ask questions appealing or not, you get answers! As a woman the things I witnessed and learned from life whether personally or through other's trials and tribulations I began to write these thoughts and lessons down. All my work, which I would simply call "living" has transformed me into the woman I have become and the author I aspire to be. I believe as artists our work is never done and our learning and growing is the part of that process that continues.  Once you feel you've learned all there is to know you will become complacent, which is the last thing any of us should ever become. Therefore in my journey of staying on the path to growth and fulfillment I can humbly say I appreciate your support, love and the fact that you are entrusting me to take you to the next level of your life as well as entertaining you through my gift of creativity. 
Sincerely, Kimberly Ann Harmon 
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