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Mr.Puddle speaks on Bullying
Mr. Puddle speaks on bullying is a story on how being bullied affects the lives of others. Little Red took a stand against bullying and made a difference and so should we.  Bullies need to know that  people out there care. And that are not afraid to do something about it.
Mr. Puddle says". Treat everyone nicely even those who are mean to you not because they are nice, but because you are" .
Mr.Puddle speaks on Bullying
childrens book
Price: $7.50
Mr.  Puddle
Children's book for all ages.
Mr. Puddle is a children's story about a puddle of water that felt he
was a burden to the world. Until one day his friend little Miss Rain drop
made him realize he was just as important as any of nature's elements that
"Mr.Puddle wants to turn your frown upside down".
Mr Puddle
Children's Book
Price: $7.50
The Diary of A Minister's Mistress
Is the story of a woman dealings with the good and bad things life
has thrown at her but through her faith and strong convictions she
overcomes obstacles, even a clueless husband and the advances of
a prolific minister.
 Fiction Adult reading material
The Diary of A Minister's Mistress
Adult Book
Price: $19.99
The Diary of A Minister's Mistress;Fiction,Adult Reading
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