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Beaufort resident writes children's book, Mr.Puddle
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Oct 21, 2013 - Kimberly Harmon of Beaufort stands in the front yard of her home on Oct. 10 holding a copy of the children's book titled "Mr. Puddle
Harmon said she never imagined writing books. She's more of a comedian than a writer.
"I always tell stories," the Beaufort resident said. "And I'm always joking and making people laugh."
A utilization management clerk for the Naval Hospital Beaufort, Harmon recently published a children's book called "Mr. Puddle." This was her second book. The first one was "The Diary of a Minister's Mistress."
As you'd expect, Mr. Puddle is a puddle of water. He felt like he was a burden to everyone, Harmon said.
"People always say I wet their clothes and shoes," he says in the book.
But Mr. Puddle's friend, Little Miss Raindrop, helps him see how important he is. Mr. Doggy appreciates him because he drinks from him. Little Miss Bird likes him too. And a boy named Little Red, inspired by Harmon's son who goes by "Red," loves jumping in the puddle.
Harmon said her cousin, who is a teacher, read the book to her kindergarten students. She said her cousin told her it started to rain when she was reading the book. One of her students ran to the window and said, "Oh my gosh. Mr. Puddle is on the ground."
"The kids love it," Harmon said. "I want them to enjoy it."
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Mr.Puddle Speaks on Bullying
For immediate release, please contact Kimberly Harmon:                                                               
  (843)575-1460 or
As a child I was bullied, and I can remember feeling alone and afraid. In those days things were different from the way they are now.  So when I started reading and hearing about how bullying has become so big, I felt that maybe I could play a small part in trying to make a difference in this cold world. That’s how I came up with Part II of my second book, called Mr. Puddle Speaks on Bullying.  The first book focuses on Mr. Puddle’s low self-esteem and his lack of self-worth.
Mr.  Puddle Speaks on Bullying is a story of how being bullied affects the lives of others.  “Little Red” took a stand against bullying and made a difference, and so should we.  Bullies need to know that people out there care, and that they are not afraid to do something about it.
Mr. Puddle says,” Treat everyone nicely, even those who are mean to you; not because they are nice, but because you are.”
Mr. Puddle wants to turn your frown upside down.


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